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Cancer, it would seem, is a mystery, and to paraphrase Ernst. T. Krebs, since no one really knows how to cure the illness, it is possible for everyone to be an expert. There are many theories regarding cancer; from parasites to viruses, from carcinogens to toxicity in our foods, from the presence of ectopic germs to a lack of pancreatic enzyme production. One or all of these could well be true, but the one thing all theorists do agree upon, is the compromisation of the immune system.

"In the 1970s, virologists discovered that animal retrovirus infection (similar to the AIDS virus) could cause an increase in lymphoma and leukemia in the animals, as well as immuno suppression. In 1983, a year before the official discovery of HIV, Harvard veterinarian Myron Essex found that 25% of gay AIDS patients had viral antibodies to blood from a case of "human T-cell leukemia," caused by a new retrovirus called "human T-cell leukemia virus-1." When Robert Gallo announced his discovery of the AIDS virus in 1984, he believed the virus was related to this new family of leukemia viruses. Thus, he first named the AIDS virus 'Human T-cell leukemia virus-3.' Later, the virus was renamed HIV: the human immuno-deficiency virus. When the AIDS virus (HIV) was introduced into the gay community in the late 1970s, the incidence of Kaposi's sarcoma (a previously rare form of cancer), as well as the incidence of Non-Hodgkin's disease, began to skyrocket in HIV-infected gay men. Both types of cancer had previously been associated with immuno-depression." (1)

Doctor Alan Cantwell tells us that clusters of cases involving Hodgkin's lymphoma have been detected for many years suggesting that some kind of "disease agent" could be involved and goes on to say that "Some scientists are now suspecting a possible cancer causing retrovirus" similar to the AIDs virus.

Dr Sam Chachoua from Australia, reported in the June/July 1998 issue of Nexus magazine that when a group of leukaemia patients were treated by wiping out their own bone marrow and giving them bone marrow from a donor, the leukaemia returned in a number of the patients. DNA checks showed that the new, second bout of leukaemia, consisted of cells which had belonged to the donor. The patient's original bone marrow had all been removed and this time it was the donor's bone marrow which had turned into leukaemia cells. As Doctor Vernon Coleman tells us "the cause of the cancer is in the patient and merely trying to wipe out cancer cells isn't enough." Coleman observed in his book Bodypower that the body's self healing mechanisms are so effective that in nine out of ten illnesses the body will deal with any disorder itself - without any outside intervention.

Successful alternative cancer therapies have two things in common, all improve the health and vitality of the body's immune system and all help eradicate chemical toxins from the body. "The alternative cancer therapies which work offer diets which are rich in vitamin-packed organic fruit and vegetables and low in toxic chemicals. They also encourage patients to learn how to relax and to find some peace in their lives. It doesn't matter whether the peace comes through meditation, relaxation, religion or love and comfort applied by people who care The real benefit from these alternative approaches to cancer comes from the boost the immune system gets from the absence of stress and the high natural vitamin content of the fruit and vegetable enriched diet."(2)

Vernon Coleman suggests that "if you don' t want to get cancer - or you have cancer and you want to get rid of it - then I believe that the answer is clear: you must reduce your intake of and exposure to toxins and build up your immune system so that it can work harder to defend your body. With an immune system working well you will be less likely to develop cancer. And if you develop cancer then it is my belief that your body will be better able to turn up the boost on its body power if you improve the efficiency of your immune system and reduce your exposure to toxins"(2)

When pursuing an alternative approach to cancer healing, it becomes obvious that such approaches involve boosting an immune system that has been depleted through the onset of disease, or perhaps even before such onset, through the ingestion of toxic chemicals in insidious doses that either work synergistically or are capable of latent storage until a "critical mass" is developed within the body. It would make sense then, to boost the immune system and not only for overcoming cancer. Any illness can be traced, at least in some part, to a depleted immune system.

When Doctor Max Gerson, one of the pioneers of natural healing in the twentieth century, attended medical university in Germany, he discovered a way to assist his body to cure itself of migraine headaches. Through a gradual process of trial and elimination, Gerson developed a "migraine diet" which he later recommended to his patients. Doctor Gerson was able to heal the previously incurable, lupus vulgaris skin tuberculosis, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure and more. He was no longer treating the symptoms of disease as were his peers in orthodox medicine, but the body as a whole. Gerson recognised the breakdown of the body's defence system and so, his treatment became one in which the immune system was bolstered. Later the Gerson treatments were to include far more than those early diets of apples and no salt or milk and recognised the ingestion of toxins through poorly grown foods, lack of minerals because of substandard and depleted soils and recognised the widely used and acceptable poisons of today's society such as salt, alcohol and tobacco. Gerson stressed the importance of detoxification, juicing and even coffee enemas, but the total healing of the Gerson Therapy, although essentially metabolic, was achieved after improvement of the immune system.

The famous Ojibway Indian recipe now known as Essiac, renowned for it's ability to assist in the healing of cancer does so, in part, because of increased immune system activity. An immune system, operating at optimum levels is able to withstand the onslaught and ravages of virus and disease and is the key to wellness and healing for all illnesses, not just cancer In modern times a great movement away from the use of toxic drugs has emerged. A renewed growth in interest in the use of organic foods, herbs and vitamins used for healing is increasing world wide and has lead to a resurgence and modification of such "natural" immune system builders such as MGN-3.

More than a decade before the turn of the century a patent was issued in Japan for a method of producing an immuno-potentiator comprising of extracting a plant material from a member of the plant family Poaceae and culturing any one of Asp Oryzae of the Aspergillaceae and Lentinus edodes to obtain an enzyme complex. The US patent application states that "immuno-potentiators have a variety of applications as foodstuffs and drugs. It is known that aging and stress lower the animal immunity and as such, we easily suffer from various diseases. A new branch of nutritional chemistry which tries to fortify human immunity by improving the daily diet is in a new stage of development in consideration of the importance of preventative medicine. In a cancer therapy, the use of an immuno-potentiator with a chemotherapeutic drug and radiotherapy has demonstrated an excellent therapeutic effect.

The present inventor found effectiveness of modification of a natural material using the Hyphomytes in developing and activating natural killer cells (NK cells) in the human immune system.... The activity of NK cells of patients was measured to determine the effects of the above ... (MGN-3). To eliminate the influences of other drugs, administration of all drugs was inhibited for one month before measurement. Six grams... were orally administered for each patient per day. The activity of the NK cells was 34.5LU in the beginning. The activity rose to 66.5LU in two weeks. Even if the administration was stopped, the activity was kept at high level (64LU) for two months."(3)

MGN-3 immunomodulator function was examined in 27 cancer patients with differing types of advanced malignancies. 7 patients had breast cancer, 7 prostate cancer, 8 had multiple myeloma, 3 had leukemia and 2 suffered from cervical cancer. In addition to orthodox therapy, all patients were given MGN-3 daily. NK cell activity was examined at two weeks, three months and six months using K562 tumor cells as targets. The results showed that patients had low level of basal NK activity (10.8-40%). After just two weeks the percentages of induction showed in the patients with breast cancer 154-332%, prostatic cancer 174-384%, leukemia 100-240%, multiple myeloma 100-537% and cervical cancer 100-275% (4)

MGN-3 has demonstrated a significant increase in T and B cell mitogen response in HIV patients and Ghoneum concluded that "MGN-3 posses potent anti-HIV activity and in the absence of any notable side effects, MGN-3 shows promise as an agent for treating patients with AIDs." MGN-3 "was examined for it's augmentory effect on human natural killer cell activity in vivo and in vitro. Twenty four individuals were given MGN-3 orally at three different concentrations: 15,30,and 45mg/kg/day for two months. Peripheral blood lymphocyte-natural killer cell activity was tested by 51CR-release assay against K562 and Raji tumor cells at one week, one month and two months post treatment and results were compiled with baseline natural killer cell activity

Treatment with MGN-3 enhanced natural killer cell activity against K562 tumor cells at all concentrations used. In a dose-dependent manner, MGN-3 at 15mg/kg/day increased natural killer activity after one month post treatment (two fold over control value), while significant induction of natural killer activity at 30 mg/kg/day was detected as early as one week post treatment (2 1/2 times control value). Natural killer cell activity continued to increase with continuation of treatment and peaked (five fold) at two months (end of treatment period). Increasing the concentration to 45 mg/kg/day showed similar trends in natural killer activity. However the magnitude in values was higher than for 30 mg/kg/day. After discontinuation of treatment, natural killer cell activity declined and returned to baseline value (14 lytic units) at one month.

Enhanced natural killer cell activity was associated with an increase in the cytotoxic reactivity against the resistant Raji cell line. MGN-3 at 45 mg/kg/day showed a significant increase in natural killer cell activity after one week (eight fold) and peaked at two months post treatment (27 times that of baseline). Culture of peripheral blood lymphocytes with MGN-3 for sixteen hours demonstrated to a 1.3 to 1.5 times increase in natural killer activity over the control value. The mechanism by which MGN-3 increases natural killer cell activity was examined and showed no change in cluster of differentiation (CD) 16+ and CD56+CD3+ of MGN-3 activated natural killer cells as compared with baseline value; a four fold increase in the binding capacity of natural killer (cells) to tumor cell targets as compared with baseline value; and a significant increase in the production of interferon-y (340-580 pg/ml).

Postculture of peripheral blood lymphocytes with MGN-3 at concentrations of 25-100 pg/ml. Thus, MGN-3 seems to act as a potent immunomodulator causing augmentation of natural killer cell activity, and with the absence of notable side-effects, MGN-3 could be used as a new biological response modifier having possible therapeutic effects against cancer."(5)

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